The Perfect Case for the DJI Phantom and Blade 350 QX Quadcopter

Posted by Christian on Sep 23, 2013

DJI Phantom quadcopter pilots have determined the 22-14355 Duratool Case is of perfect size to house the uber popular DJI Phantom quadcopter and its accessories. [More]



Duratool Cases a Favorite of Dual Sport Riders

Posted by Christian on May 19, 2013

We've noticed our Duratool blow-molded cases have been making a splash as a lower-cost alternative to more conventionally used cases, like those from Pelican. This is especially true with the dual sport motorcycle crowd. Often dual-sport riders require panniers and fender mount boxes to carry goods. Herb Suessenbach, of Albuquerque, New Mexico sent over some pictures of his Duratool #22-14350 installation. [More]