Installing an OTA (Over the Air) Antenna

Posted by Greg on Oct 3, 2016

Installing an OTA (Over the Air) Antenna

A couple weeks ago week, we gave an overview of the various types of OTA antennas and promised an installation of some of these antennas. Our office is located about 15 miles South of Dayton and 45 miles North of Cincinnati. Both cities offer a good amount of channels so we decided to test out some of our Stellar Labs antennas and see how well they perform. In an attempt to receive as many channels from both cities as possible, we decided to mount two directional antennas on a mast; one pointing at Cincinnati, and one pointing at Dayton.




Android on your HDTV!

Posted by Nick on Jun 5, 2013

At first glance, this small device is pretty impressive for the price... [More]

HDTV Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Christian on Feb 20, 2013

As cable prices climb, many look for lower cost alternatives. Devices such as Roku, Slingbox and other dedicated media PCs, can be used or coupled with services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. All of these are great options, but still come with a recurring or one-time non-trivial cost. MCM has a solution. [More]