Build a Raspberry Pi Media Center

Posted by Greg on May 7, 2015

Raspberry Pi Media Center

Create a home theater PC to stream movies, pictures and more using a Raspberry Pi 3 and Kodi!




Six Projects You Can Build With Your Raspberry Pi 2!

Posted by Greg on Apr 20, 2015

The Raspberry Pi 2 is an amazing single board computer than can be used for thousands of projects. However, when you go to explain for great it is many people want to know what you do with it. If you say "almost anything" they just can't conceptualize what is meant. To make things easier we gathered six great Raspberry Pi projects to help spur the imagination and give a few practical examples that almost anybody can make and use.



News Projects

Raspbmc's (XBMC) June update brings a slew of tweaks:

Posted by Bryan on Jun 18, 2013
Our friends over at Rasbmc have announced their June update to the Rasbmc software. Among the changes are "Among the changes are new settings, new skins, support for the Stealth Nighthawk F117A device and changes to make booting up faster, among many other things. Getting this month's update should only require rebooting one's Raspberry Pi, and a few new mirrors that have joined the network should make downloading the updated software even faster." July's update also looks promising with support for Cloud backups, a Kernel update and a "Special Announcement". Stay tuned for updates.


Getting Started - Raspberry Pi XBMC

Posted by Christian on Jun 3, 2013

XBMC is a very popular media centre software for the home and was originally designed to run on the original XBOX. XBMC has been developed on a variety of platforms and is always under active development for various devices/platforms. XBMC is free and is open source under the GPL licence and is designed and developed by like minded programmers and volunteers located all around the world. Over the last few years XBMC has been under constant development and has spanned onto a variety of platforms including Linux, MAC OS, Microsoft Windows and many other custom hardware devices. [More]