Just Released - The Latest D/A Converter from Stellar Labs

Posted by Christian on Jul 12, 2013

Digital to Analog (D/A) converters are required when televisions, DVD or BluRay players provide only digital audio output, but need to be connected to a conventional amplifier. This converter solves that issue. [More]



Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Case from Cardboard or Cardstock

Posted by Christian on Jun 23, 2013

One of our top selling accessories for the Raspberry Pi is the case. Cases for the Pi come in a multitude of styles, sizes and colors, but they can be costly. Today we're going to build a bare-bones case out of cardboard with supplies you may already have laying around the house. [More]



Getting Started - Raspberry Pi XBMC

Posted by Christian on Jun 3, 2013

XBMC is a very popular media centre software for the home and was originally designed to run on the original XBOX. XBMC has been developed on a variety of platforms and is always under active development for various devices/platforms. XBMC is free and is open source under the GPL licence and is designed and developed by like minded programmers and volunteers located all around the world. Over the last few years XBMC has been under constant development and has spanned onto a variety of platforms including Linux, MAC OS, Microsoft Windows and many other custom hardware devices. [More]



Installing a Poolside Audio System

Posted by Christian on May 24, 2013

Recently, we had the opportunity to help out Flying Horse Farms by supplying and installing a poolside audio system. Come with us as we walk through the install. [More]


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Weatherproof Cases a Favorite of Dual Sport Riders

Posted by Christian on May 19, 2013

We've noticed our Duratool blow-molded cases have been making a splash as a lower-cost alternative to more conventionally used cases, like those from Pelican. This is especially true with the dual sport motorcycle crowd. Often dual-sport riders require panniers and fender mount boxes to carry goods. Herb Suessenbach, of Albuquerque, New Mexico sent over some pictures of his #22-24115 installation. [More]

Getting Up and Running with the Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Posted by Christian on May 14, 2013

Courtesy of Andy Laing, a committed Raspberry Pi pi-oneer at element14, these notes are intended to help users get the Raspberry Pi camera working on any Model A or Model B Raspberry Pi computer. [More]



element14 Launches Eagerly Awaited Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Posted by Christian on May 13, 2013

The eagerly anticipated Raspberry Pi camera board is making its debut with element14 today enabling pictures and video to be taken with the Raspberry Pi which can be used for security and VoIP projects as well as image and video capture.

One of a strong pipeline of exclusive Raspberry Pi accessories to be launched this year, the camera board, which retails at $25 is available through Newark element14 and MCM in North America, Farnell element14 in Europe, CPC in the UK and Ireland and element14 in Asia Pacific.




Bike Light Testing with TinkerKit

Posted by Christian on May 10, 2013

Today I picked up a couple of bike lights from our offering. I was off to go home and test fit them on my bikes at lunch, but upon looking out the window, we're currently experiencing monsoon-type weather. So instead we'll be spending our lunch testing these things out, namely the brightness on full-on mode. [More]

Getting Started with PiFace Digital

Posted by Christian on May 9, 2013

PiFace Digital is a quick and easy way to connect your Raspberry Pi to the real world. Follow this guide and your Raspberry Pi will be reacting to switches and controlling motors and lights in less than ten minutes. [More]



Crescent Code Red Pry Bars

Posted by Christian on Apr 16, 2013

Every once in a while, a "Why didn't I think of that?" product comes along. The new line of Crescent Code Red™ indexing and adjustable pry bars are a great example. Historically, while pry bars come in many lengths, they came in one basic shape.[More]


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