3D Printer Calibration

Posted by John on May 6, 2013

One place that I have found very little good information in the 3D printing world, has to do with properly calibrating your 3D printer. Improper calibration can result in a huge amount of wasted PLA or PVC while setting your printer up right will save you plastic, time and frustration. [More]


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Adventures in 3D printing

Posted by John on Apr 18, 2013
While I love Maker Culture, I generally self-identify more as a kind of 1950s “Popular Mechanics” old-school hobbyist. You know the kind: lathe and mini-mill in the basement, welder in the garage, and random woodworking and electrical equipment scattered all over the house. So I have been struggling for the last few years with whether or not to invest in a 3D printer. They have always seemed pretty pricy, and I was never sure how much use I would get out of one. On the other hand, there is no question of the raw cool involved in being able to print off plastic widgets with ease, and perhaps even get involved in a little lost-PLA casting. When we started carrying the Printrbot Jr. I finally broke down. [More]