10 Great Codebug Projects!

Posted by Greg on Dec 1, 2015

What is CodeBug?

CodeBug is a little device that you can wear and learn to program.

It has 25 LED lights in a 5-by-5 grid and two buttons for you to interact with. CodeBug also has six ‘legs’ that can be used to connect croc-clips, banana plugs or even sewn to. These legs can be used as inputs or outputs and can even sense an electric current passing through (or generated by) your body.

Learn About the CodeBug: A Programmable #Wearable for All!  

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CodeBug Projects!

Project One
Create a Scrolling Name Badge - 10 Minutes

Make a name badge the scrolls one letter at a time using codebug's 25 LED lights

Project Two:
Many Faced Bug - 15 Minutes

Have your codebug display different emoticons based on which input you touch

Project Three:
Fruit Keyboard - 35 Minutes

Connect fruit to different leads and let codebug react as defined to each one

Project Four:
Flashing an LED - 10 Minutes

Have Codebug control LED lights connected to the inputs

Project Five:
Pushing Buttons - 15 Minutes

Learn to have buttons react with the Codebug

Project Six:
Steady Hand Game - 25 Minutes

Create a classic steady hand game with a codebug and a coat hanger

Project Seven:
Teathering CodeBug with Python - 30 Minutes

How to set up programming with Python on the codebug

Project Eight:
A Card For All Occasions - 30 Minutes

Create a personalized interactive card for any occasion

Project Nine:
RaspberryPi Controlled CodeBug with I2C - 15 Minutes

Hook Codebug onto your Raspberry Pi and do even more great projects!

Project Ten:
CodeBug and #RaspberryPi Clock - 15 Minutes

Turn your Codebug into a clock with the help of a Raspberry Pi

Have fun & let us know what you created with your Codebug!



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