April Fools 2015

Posted by Christian on Apr 1, 2015

After ALL of the other emails, mind-numbing Facebook posts, morning radio talk-show prank calls, and maybe even a joke you pulled on a coworker, you STILL thought we were bringing back 1970’s technology? It’s April 1st!

Well, my friend, the joke is on the rest of the world that didn’t click our clever banner. You are no fool. We appreciate your geeky sense of humor, so we’re rewarding your trekkie curiosity with a 10% discount on an order you place today. That’s right! 10% off almost anything you’d like, because some exclusions* always apply (including ALL Quadraphonic gear sold by MCM).

Promo Code: AFDAY5

By the way, that wasn’t us that switched the caps on your keyboard. You know who it was, and you should totally get revenge! Maybe rig a party-popper in their drawer, or throw some red Kool Aid powder in their gloves.

And, of course, feel free to share this fun little prank with them as well.

*10% offer good through 4/5/2015. Valid on in stock items at the time of your order. Cannot be combined with other discount offers. Use code AFDAY5. Some brands are unable to be discounted due to manufacturer agreements, including but not limited to Raspberry Pi.


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