Back to the Future Day - 10/21/15!

Posted by Greg on Oct 16, 2015


Back to the Future Day - 10/21/15!

This Wednesday at 4:29 PM PST Doc, Marty & Jennifer will appear from the least that;'s what happened in the film Back to the Future II released in 1989 where the trio traveled from 1985. You can also keep track of how much longer until the actual time on the official count down clock!

The movie showed many predictions about the future and while we don't have flying cars and Hover boards at our disposal we do have quite a lot of the other great technology.

Here are a few you can buy now and live the future today!

Bio-Metric Locks

Houses in the movie feature Bio-Metric door locks. While these aren't common, you can install a Bio-metric lock on an exterior door on your home.

Hand Held Computers


Marty freaks out when he sees a hand held tablet - now you can have your choice of size and style Hand Held Tablet Computers

Flat Panel TVs

Large flat panel TVs were featured prominently in the film and now you can have a 40" 1080p for under $300 - See all of our Flat Panel TVs

Quad Copters

We don't have hoverboards yet, but you can always have fun with a Quad Copter!

3D Printing

While not featured in the movie 3D Printing is the future right now! 

Feeling a bit Reto?

RetroBit Consoles

Longing for the past? Check out these retro game consoles for NES, SNES & Genesis from RetroBit Consoles!



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