Compact 30 Watt Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver

Posted by Greg on Oct 17, 2014
In the ecommerce office we have been using an older bluetooth interface hooked up to some cheap powered speakers to play music while we work. A few weeks ago we were asked to try out the new MCM Custom Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver and put it through its paces. So, we swapped out both the unreliable bluetooth receiver we had been using along with the cheap speakers for the 30 Watt Amplifier with bluetooth plus a much better set of bookcase speakers.
The device itself is compact measuring out at less than the size of a deck of cards. After we connected the two speakers and the power adapter (included) we were ready to go. We then turned on the receiver and waited for it to show up on our device of iPhone. The bluetooth signal was readily identified and the connection was acknowledged with a beep signal string. 
The set up was immediate and all of our compatible devices had no issue connecting (two iPhones and an iPad). After three weeks of continuous use at the office we haven't had a signal drop. The range is excellent as well. The range is given as 32' which typically only applies to clear area distance, but we've both left the room with our devices and walked past walls with the signal still holding steady. 
As for the amplifier it is more than powerful enough to fill our office with crisp music. Actually, even when it is turned up to only about 2 there was more than enough volume to let us adjust everything via our phone and still be able to heard very well. 

Overall this is a great solution for music anywhere. In addition to the bluetooth receiver the amplifier also has a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack for connecting to other L/R line level devices.  All you really need for great sound is this MCM Custom Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth Receiver, speaker wire, two speakers and an input device.


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