Create a Raspberry Pi Powered Home Monitor System

Posted by Greg on Oct 29, 2014

Have you ever wanted to set up a system in your home that will monitor a room visually as well as record other certain attributes? We came across this great article by Marco Schwartz on the Open Home Automation Website which runs through creating a home monitoring system based on a Raspberry Pi B+

This project, as presented, will show you how to build a system that will monitor your home from a central interface, recording the temperature and humidity along with a photo. The Raspberry Pi based system is to be connected via wi-fi to your home network so that it can be accessed from any interface on your network. You can also add onto this system by adding an EnOcean Sensor Kit. Once you have set up the basic system the only limit is your imagination!

The Instructions:

Detailed instructions for the Monitor Your Home With the Raspberry Pi B+ Project

What You Will Need:

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Camera Kit - $89.99
Raspberry Pi B+
microSD card
Raspberry Pi camera module
USB WiFi dongle

Temperature / Humidity Measurement Sensor - $46.19

Raspberry Pi Cobbler kit - $3.99

3' HDMI Cable - $3.49

Jumper wires - $2.49

Breadboard - $6.17

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