Crescent Code Red Pry Bars

Posted by Christian on Apr 16, 2013

Every once in a while, a "Why didn't I think of that?" product comes along. The new line of Crescent Code Red™ indexing and adjustable pry bars are a great example. Historically, while pry bars come in many lengths, they came in one basic shape. We've all stuck 2x4s and other inanimate objects between the bar and whatever we're prying against to gain leverage, and we've all busted knuckles trying to get just the right angle.

The Crescent Code Red™ Indexing bars offer a 14 position adjustable head which allows you to perfectly position the prying head to gain better leverage. The video illustrates it perfectly.

In addition to the Indexing bar, the Crescent Code Red™ series offers Adjustable bars that feature adjustable jaws at one end which allow them to be used to pry, grip boards, hammer and pull nails. At the opposite end - a standard pry head for general prying.

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