Weatherproof Cases a Favorite of Dual Sport Riders

Posted by Christian on May 19, 2013

We've noticed our weatherproof cases have been making a splash as a lower-cost alternative to more conventionally used cases. This is especially true with the dual sport motorcycle crowd. Often dual-sport riders require panniers and fender mount boxes to carry goods. Herb Suessenbach, of Albuquerque, New Mexico sent over some pictures of his 22-24115 installation.

These include the addition of reflective material on the side and rear panels for better night time visibility.  Four securing points for bungy hook/straps have also been mounted on the lid for mounting rain gear, sleeping bag, etc.

In the pictures you will note my current aluminum side cases procured from Happy Trails in Idaho.  I've noted the weight savings of the Weatherproof box - compared to the Happy Trails cases - and have thought of replacing these with two versions (size to be determined) of the Weatherproof variety.

So far this Weatherproof #22-24115 has been a very impressive watertight replacement for a tank bag.



Here is an interior shot of the Duratool Weatherproof #22-24115 mounted atop the rear luggage rack of my Kawasaki KLR-650.  The four fender washers and nylock nuts of the lid-mounted bungy hook anchors are visible, as are two of the four 6mm x 40mm bolts securing the box to the frame via the luggage rack.

Still to be installed is a lining of low pile indoor/outdoor carpeting to protect the top box contents.


I couldn't resist a side shot of the Kawasaki KLR-650 with the Weatherproof #22-24115 top case and the current Happy Trails aluminum side cases.

I hope these pictures highlight the flexibility of the Weatherproof #22-24115 cases.

If you're interested in learning more about various ways to increase the storage on your dual-sport bike, or just more about dual sport riding in general, there are several very active forums, including and

You can see our current offering of waterproof cases here. Happy riding!

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