Embedded Pi, Giving the Raspberry Pi Access to Arduino

Posted by Brandon on May 7, 2013

What is Embedded Pi? Well it is the greatest thing to happen to Raspberry Pi development since the announcement of the Model A board. Embedded Pi is a triple play threat that works with Arduino, 32 Bit embedded ARM products and Raspberry Pi. OK, so what does it do?

Embedded PI can be both a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino board. Wait, it also allows works with the Raspberry Pi boards to enable the use of Arduino shields! So lets recap, Embedded Pi connects to a Raspberry Pi board (Model A or Model B) and accepts inputs from Arduino Shields. Embedded PI also operates as a stand alone Arduino motherboard.

The Embedded Pi has three Modes
STM32/Standalone mode
Standalone mode is where the Embedded Pi works as an Arduino motherboard and can control inputs from an Arduino Shield or one of the 40 pins on the motherboard. It can be used to sense inputs from a variety of sensors and can control its surrounding such as lighting, motors or actuators.

ST Adapter Mode
ST adapter mode controls the Arduino shields but uses the Raspberry Pi for the GUI and the command line console to transmit/receive data to the STM32.

Raspberry Pi Mode
This mode works as a hardware connection bridge between Raspberry Pi and Arduino shields, allowing the Raspberry Pi to interface directly with existing Arduino shields, having a number of sensors & control to interact with external environment. It offers all the possibilities of connecting digital and analogue sensors using the common footprint of Arduino but with the power and capabilities of Raspberry Pi.

Check out more information on the Embedded Pi product page or the manufacturer's website at www.Coocox.com



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