Enter the Raspberry Pi Educators’ RoadTest

Posted by Greg on Nov 5, 2014

Enter the Raspberry Pi Educators’ RoadTest to Win a 3D Printer!

RoadTests are a chance to test and keep the latest technology for FREE! The element14 Community, an online community of 260,000+ engineers, in partnership with MCM and CPC, is pleased to present its first Raspberry Pi Educators’ RoadTest in support of the Community’s STEM Academy.

The featured product, the Raspberry Pi Model B+ Camera Kit, allows you to create young programmers with exciting, fun projects. Get your students’ creative juices flowing as you lead them in using the Raspberry Pi.

Element14 will accept applications from November 17th -  December 8th. Finalists will be invited to blog about their ideas on the Community’s STEM Academy and provide a RoadTest review of the kit. The winner of the Blogging Challenge will win a 3D printer worth approximately $450.00!

Need project ideas:

Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi Camera

- Pi in the Sky - Pi Weather Balloon

Raspberry Pi Slow Scan Television (SSTV) Camera

You can learn more on the Community’s STEM Academy starting November 17th.



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