Happy Birthday, Raspberry Pi

Posted by Christian on Feb 21, 2013

It was one year ago today that the tech world was turned upside down by a credit card-sized computer capable of playing HD video known as the Raspberry Pi. I'll never forget reading about the Pi for the first time cruising at 30,000 feet, going to Newark's website and being unable to get through. The Newark site was down!

In the following days and months, the Pi continued to gain momentum, as evidenced by Google Trends, quickly catching and passing Arduino's hype. Since, the Pi has embedded itself as a mainstay for the maker movement - it's now featured regularly on MAKEzine, Geek.com, Endgadget.com and of course, the element 14 Community.

The Pi has hit several landmarks in its first year. Units sold reached the one million unit mark in January, the Foundation reached an agreement with Sony UK to produce boards and a major iteration has already taken place, doubling the amount of on-board memory. Additionally, the new Model A board is now available in the UK and soon to be available in the US, which offers a scaled down feature list at a lower price point.

It's been a great ride so far, and we are excited about what the future of Pi brings.



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