Happy Pi Day 2016

Posted by Greg on Mar 11, 2016

Today is Pi Day and what better way to celebrate than with the Raspberry Pi 3 1GB Single Board Computer?

The Raspberry Pi 3 was launched on February 29th 2016 the fourth anniversary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Over 8 million of the various iterations of the Raspberry Pi boards have been sold around the world and the number is steadily increasing every month. 

Here are some handy Raspberry Pi links that are great for any day usage!

Raspberry Pi 3 Video Introduction - Michael gives a general rundown of the all the features of the Raspberry Pi 3. 

Raspberry Pi Comparison - A nice graphical representation of the differences between the Model B+, Pi 2 & Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi Kit Comparison - If you need a quick guide to what each Raspberry Pi kit contains check out our handy guide!

Raspberry Pi FAQ's - If you have questions, we have answers.

GPIO Pin Layout for the Raspberry Pi 3 - A handy guide to all 40 pins and their functions. 

Raspberry Pi Related Blog Posts - Over the past several years we have posted several articles related to the Raspberry Pi, here's the whole collection. 


Raspberry Pi Projects on elelment14  - Our sister company element14 has a plethora of projects on their website

Raspberry Pi Resources from the Raspberry Pi Foundation - Get information from the creator of the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi & Accessories Pinterest Board. Our board is continuously updated with the latest Raspberry Pi products that we carry.

Raspberry Pi Projects Pinterest Board. When we find an interesting Raspberry Pi project we add it to this board. 



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