Installing a Poolside Audio System

Posted by Christian on May 24, 2013

Recently, we had the opportunity to help out Flying Horse Farms by supplying and installing a poolside audio system. If you're not familiar with Flying Horse Farms, they're a non-profit organization that provides magical, transforming experiences for children with serious illnesses. Their amazing facility is located on 200 acres in Mt. Gilead, Ohio and features swimming, boating, fishing, archery, arts and crafts and more. They serve hundreds of children and families each year - free of charge. Knowing this, it's an easy decision to donate this audio system and labor.

Above is the pool facility where the sound system is to be installed. This is a fairly straight forward installation that can be expected to take lass than a day.

Parts List

QtyMCM Part #Description
5 50-8886 MCM Black 6.5" Outdoor Speaker Pair
1 24-15503 Stellar Labs 1000' 18AWG 2-Conductor CL2 In-Wall Speaker Wire
Rack and Contents
1 555-13506 9U Rack with Door
1 50-16390 Stellar Labs FM Tuner/CD Player/MP3 Player
1 555-9250 Atlas Mixer Amplifier - 240W
1 555-9255 Atlas Rack Mount Kit
2 50-1895 Penn Elcom 14U Rack Rails
1 50-1729 Penn Elcom Rack Shelf Clamp
1 555-15477 MCM 3U Rack Shelf
1 28-10515 Cyber Power Rack Outlet Strip
1 35-4028 Galaxy Wireless Handheld Microphone
1 35-4022 Galaxy Wireless Headset Microphone
1 22-24125 MCM Weatherproof Case (for Mics)
Cabling, Etc.
1 24-13008 Hosa 10' Audio Interconnect Cable
1 24-12554 Pro Signal 5' Audio Interconnect Cable
1 293-282 Duracell AA Batteries - 8pk


  1. Create a Plan

    A few of our folks had visited prior and decided, given the pool area, it could use about ten 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers and mount them to the surrounding fence. They will be powered by a 240W Atlas amp, with wireless handheld and headset mics, and all mounted in an appropriately sized rack.

  2. Find a Starting Point

    Start by determining the location where rack will live. Since the rack will be your system's control center and house most of the electronics, be sure to pick a location that will keep it out of the elements. Above the storage cubes in the pool house turned out to be the best option for this installation.

  3. Rough In

    Now it's time to start laying everything out. Since the speakers will be mounted on the fence around the pool area, we loosely strung our speaker wire around the outside of the fence. Ensure you have enough excess wire to make any connections at each speaker location.

    Unpack and place the speakers around the perimeter of the pool. You'll want to ensure they are evenly spaced. If your installation has speakers facing one another, as we did on either side of the pool, it's wise to stagger their location - as not to point them directly at one another to avoid dead space.

  4. Install Conduit and Speakers

    After everything is laid out, run conduit in the necessary areas. We ran conduit through the ceiling and out the soffit on the outside of the building, which gave access to the pool area fence.

    Remove the brackets from all speakers and install them at their proper location on the fence. Reattach the speaker to the bracket once the bracket has been firmly mounted.

  5. Concealing the Speaker Wire

    Though time consuming, hiding your speaker wire can be the difference between a sloppy or professional looking job. The fence to which we are mounting the speakers has hollow rails, which make a perfect raceway for our speaker wire. As the horizontal rails are open on the bottom, we'll take advantage of this and hide the wire inside. We ran the wire along the channel, and slid it inside between the vertical rails and the inside of the channel. Then to ensure the wire stays in place inside, we cinched a zip tie to every third rail, with the head of the tie sticking out on the same side of the wire, and then slid the tie up against the wire inside, so that the head of the tie sat against the bottom of the wire. This will prevent it from coming out.

  6. Assemble the Connections

    We're running all the speakers in line, and deshielding, stripping and soldering the connections at each speaker will ensure a long lasting result.

  7. Assemble the Rack

    Start by installing rails in the rack and the mounting tabs to your amplifier and tuner, then install them into the rack. To make this easier, many racks come with removable panels on each side. If your rack assembly will be residing in a tall or hard to reach location, complete this step on the floor or workbench.

    Finally, connect the speaker wires to each speaker and to the amplifier and test everything out.

The result looks and sounds great, and will provide the pool area with quality sounds for a long time.


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7/15/2013 9:27:25 PM #

Nicely done! This installation looks great, quality equipment, and what a wonderful cause. MCM has been one of my favorite suppliers for decades. Their customer service is unsurpassed.


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