MAKE and MCM Raspberry Pi Design Contest Competition: The Winners!

Posted by Bryan on Apr 29, 2013

MCM Electronics partnered with MAKE Magazine to hold a Raspberry Pi Design competition. The idea was to have projects developed that anyone could replicate at home. We had over 48 entries, everything from Internet radio streaming to cat feeders. The projects were categorized into Artistic, Education, Utility and Enclosure themes. There was 1 Grand Prize winner, and 4 runner-up winners. The Grand Prize winner took home a Printrtbot Jr. 3D printer plus other assorted electronic accessories from MCM Electronics. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a judge and let me tell you it was difficult to choose between all the great entries.

The Grand Prize went to Intonarumori, a collection of magic sound boxes made by a hacker/art collective called urbanSTEW. The STEW-folk say:

Intonarumori is a series of interactive sound boxes created by an art/tech collective, urbanSTEW. The project is based on a century-old futurist movement in which noise-generating machines were created. Inspired by this, urbanSTEW built six new noise machines, each equipped with a Raspberry Pi and various sensors/controls. The boxes are self contained and only need to be plugged in. Intonarumori was presented at a creativity festival where they were played by over 2,000 children/adults.

I really liked this entry because it was creative, interesting and the documentation provided made it easy to replicate at home. I can't wait to see Intonamuri boxes at my local Makerfaire.

The Sunlight Foundation's Lobbyist Meter won the Artistic category: I thought it was a clever and fun project. IT also could be designed around other uses besides lobbyist counting. You can read more about the Lobbyist Meter on the Sunlight Foundation's website. Here it is, doing its transparent, democratic thing.

The Education category award went to a project that I thought was cool, thoughtful and best of all designed and built by a 2nd grader (with some help from Dad):   Emma Bennett’s beautiful school State Board project won the prize. This also is an item that the Raspbery Pi Foundation has been using in talks as a demonstration of some of the very cool stuff kids doing with the Pi. Check out the video of the board in action below .

The Utility category award went to Videoman's Raspberry Pi Cat Feeder.  Another idea that could be adapted to fit any type of feeding, watering or maintenance project. Check out the link here Raspberry Pi Powered Cat Feeder

The last category was enclosures. While we have seen many types of enclosures come across our desks, this one really stood apart. A beautiful handcrafted walnut case. This case is really an inspiration to anyone developing Raspberry Pi enclosures and I really really want to make one myself. You can check out the details for the Walnut case here the details for the Walnut case here .

Really this contest was designed to bring more awareness to what can be done with the Raspberry Pi board. You can see all of the contest entries over at MAKE and if you see something you like, MAKE it yourself.


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