MCM Electronics - 2016 Dayton Mini Maker Faire Recap

Posted by Greg on Jul 20, 2016

MCM Electronics - 2016 Dayton Mini Maker Faire Recap

MCM Electronics joined in all the fun at the first annual Dayton Mini Maker Faire held at the lovely Carillon Historical Park. The park itself is 70 acres of Dayton History showing of local inventions and historical building and artifacts. The local maker group Make It Dayton put together the show and well over 2,500 eager makers attended over 50 exhibits including the Boneyard Build Off and the Learn to Solder area! Attendees were treated to a wide variety of maker skills and new technology from knitting to AR/VR demonstrations.  

Team MCM Electronics 

Several members of Team MCM Electronics helped out at the Maker Faire in a variety of capacities including the Learn to Solder Area, The History of 3D Printing, The Boneyard Build Off as well as our sales booth and Raspberry Pi 3 demo area! 

Learn to Solder

We teamed up with our friends from Proto BuildBar to sponsor the Learn to Solder exhibit. Together we offered two projects that anybody could learn to create, a Proto light up skull pin or an MCM Electronics keychain / flashlight kit. There was also a chance to have your photo on the cover of Solder Magazine! 

The History of 3D Printing

We again teamed up with Proto BuildBar to present the History of 3D Printing right outside a classic print shop for a lovely juxtaposition of old and new technology. We featured two Ultimaker 2+ machines making earbud cable wraps and Proto featured a display of six older model machines showing the progression of 3D Printing. 

Boneyard Build Off

The Boneyard Build Off was a grand competition in the tradition of junkyard wars where two teams were given 6 hours and a goal to complete. At the end of the given time, they had to present their creations and perform the three tests. Team Blue, which included two members from MCM Electronics and two members from AFRL, ended up victorious!  

MCM Electronics Booth & Raspberry Pi Demos

We also brought our Pi Infinity Plus, displayed hanging over our booth, along with plenty of Raspberry Pi Kits & Accessories plus several soldering items including our brand new Learn to Solder Kit! In addition, we had four Raspberry Pi demos showing off Minecraft Pi, Scratch, Kodi and Retro Pi game emulator! 

To see more photos of this event please go to our Dayton Mini Maker Faire Facebook Photo Album



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