MCM Electronics New Products Update - 10/29/15

Posted by Greg on Oct 28, 2015

MCM Electronics New Products Update - 12/17/15

Join Michael & Geoff for a rundown of the latest products available from MCM Electronics!

Cebek Educational Solar Kit

This kit is a great intro to solar power. It consists of 47 different components along with pictures, charts, drawings, and formulas to explain each experiment. Four monocrystalline solar cells use the latest technology to increase efficiency and improve performance.
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Dewalt Tools

We’ve brought in several new cordless tools from Dewalt, including impact drivers, drills and jigsaws. One new product that’s really notable though, is Dewalt’s impact ready shears. They’ll turn your impact driver into a set of sheatmetal shears. There are a few other sheetmetal attachments on the market right now. These offer a lower price and are backed by the Dewalt name. They’ll fit most impact drivers with a standard ¼” hex shank. They’ll cut through 18AWG metal, asphalt shingles, mesh, rubber and more.
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Tempered Screen Protectors

Protect your iPhone or Galaxy’s screen with a new Stellar Labs tempered screen protector. They feature multilayer protection, with an oliophobic coating to keep them fingerprint free.
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Omni Motion Activated LED Light Bar

This light is great for closets, lockers, stairs, trailers, or any other place that benefits from a simple, cord free lighting solution. The 10 LEDs light when the 120 degree motion detector senses motion within 9 feet of the unit. What’s more, the light can actually be removed from its magnetic base. It’s sturdy too; made from extruded aluminum.
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Nebo Flashlights and Holders

See all of the latest lights and holsters from Nebo including: Workbrite work lights, iProtec tactical lights, bike light, and holsters. 
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Tripp Lite Ultra Compact PowerVerters

Tripp Lite now offers several different ultra-compact vehicle power converters. Starting at around $30, there’s a model for every need. There’s even a unit that fits perfectly in your car or truck’s cupholder.
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GPS Antenna  

If you’re looking for a boost out of your GPS unit, this is a great solution. The active antenna draws about 10mA and gives an additional 28dB of gain. The antenna is magnetic backed, and the cable is 5m long.
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Stellar Labs HDMI Switchers

Four Input HDMI Switcher and HDMI Quad Processor High performance quad viewer supports simultaneous viewing of four separate high definition input sources on one screen, with three different multi-view modes. The tremendous amount of processing power required to accomplish this also enables this device to act as a seamless four-input HDMI switcher. Additionally, we offer a smaller, less expensive 4 input HDMI switcher.
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