MCM Electronics Visit to FabSpace 3D Printing Meet Up

Posted by Greg on Feb 18, 2015

With the launch of the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B we thought it would be a great idea to visit a few local maker spaces and let them see it up close. Three of us from MCM Electronics (Bryan, Christian & Greg) headed out to visit the local Dayton Maker Space FabSpace who were having their monthly 3D Printing meetup on Thursday, February 5th. While the purpose of their meet up was 3D printing they were very excited to see the new Raspberry Pi and all of the other fun items we brought!

(A few 3D printing enthusiasts sharing tips & tricks)

(A sample of 3D projects newly printed while the meet up was happening) 

FabSpace is located in downtown Dayton and is currently seeking funding to become a full fledged maker space later this year. Until they fully launch, they have been having meet ups and gatherings to discuss ideas and share projects that people are doing in their own homes. They had two 3D printers running and the crowd included a few representatives of the Dayton Metro Library who are planning on creating a mobile maker space that will be available for all of their branches. The meeting itself was very free-form with many small groups breaking out to discuss specific interests. We brought along a box full of Raspberry Pi accessories plus some of spools of Stellar Labs 3D printer filament to give away to attendees. 

(Several break out conversations between makers & 3D printing enthusiasts)

Later in the evening we all took a tour of the Tinkr Tech Mobile Maker Space for Children. The owner had brought along his mobile trailer that he takes to local school & other youth organizations and teaches them basic maker programs. It is a great setup and very well put together! 


(A few views of the Tinkr Tech mobile maker space)

 We had a great time meeting everybody out at FabSpace and hope that if you're in the Dayton area with an interest in making you keep your eyes open for their next meet up!



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