MCM Electronics Visit to Proto Build Bar

Posted by Greg on Feb 20, 2015

With the launch of the new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B we thought it would be a great idea to visit a few local maker spaces and let them see it up close. Three of us from MCM Electronics (Jay, Christian & Greg) headed out to visit a totally original concept: a builder space and bar combined! Proto Build Bar is quite different than a typical maker space. First off, there is no monthly fee and the focus is on short term projects. We took a tour guided by the owner & manager after which we showed off the new Raspberry Pi 2 kits and our line of Stellar Labs 3D printer filament! 

(A view of the work benches and the 3D printer wall)


(Dayton gears from the 3D printers) 

The build bar is owned by Real Art studios and is a great concept and a nice extension of their basic services, but put into a consumer DIY perspective. Real Art Design Studio is a local ad agency that also creates many amazing campaigns that involve interactive mechanical devices that have won awards around the world. One of their most famous was The Santa Claw (World's Largest Claw Game) which they created in 2011 and now resides within the Proto Build Bar. 

(The world's largest claw game which Real Art created a few years ago) 

Making can make anybody thirsty, so the build bar has an actual bar onsite where you can get a drink and even get a small bite to eat. 


(The bar, from the build bar!) 

Overall we really loved the concept, look and feel of the place. It's great to see so much innovation going on around downtown Dayton!



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