MCM Electronics at the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2015!

Posted by Greg on Sep 2, 2015

Last weekend, August 29th & 30th, we joined in the fun at the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Over the weekend we talked to hundreds of enthusiastic current & future makes plus saw a lot of amazing creations from people all around the area.

We talked a lot about the Raspberry Pi, showed off the RetroPi Game Emulator project, and some of the features such as standard browsing, MineCraftPi and Scratch! While many people there had heard of Raspberry Pi very few had actually seen one in person and even fewer had any experience with one. We were happy to be able to show off such a great maker staple and to educate more people on what it is capable of and let them create.

Showing a young maker how to use Scratch on a Raspberry Pi

Some Highlights from the Maker Faire


Hive13 had soldering stations, a 3D printer plus lots of other fun to help teach makers of all ages and skill levels  

The Manufactory

The Manufactory had all types of great tooling equipment as well as a 3D printer. 

R2D2 Makers Group

R2D2 playing around

Power Tool Racing

We missed the races, but heard that there were some great match-ups at the power tool racing course!

Proctor & Gamble Proctor & Gamble showed off their 3D printing design skills 

Eepy Bird - Coke and Mentos Spectacular

Some stills from EepyBird's demonstration

Ping Pong Ball Explosion  

Science exploding into action with liquid nitrogen & 1,500 ping pong balls! 

We'd like to send out a big thank you to the Cincinnati Museum & the organizers, all the other vendors & makers and to the hundreds (possibly thousands) who stopped by our tables. It was a great time and we're looking forward to next year!



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