MCM Maker Madness Round One Results

Posted by Greg on Mar 30, 2015

The first eight face offs have happened and the winners from Round One have been chosen to move on while the others fell. while they are all great product there can only be one! Read the results of round one below and then vote for your favorites in Round Two!

Round One saw some close battles, a few blowouts and a couple of surprises:

Match 1 pitted the new Raspberry Pi 2 against the pcDuino Nano. While both are great boards the Raspberry Pi 2 easily bested the nano to move onto the second round within the Single Board Computer Category. 

Match 2 featured the ever popular BeagleBone Black against the Intel Galileo 2. This match up received more overall votes than any other contest in the first round and the BeagleBone Black ended up victorious.

Match 3 entered the Rapid Prototyping Kits category with littleBits Modules going up against Fayalab Nuggets, the newest competitor in the contest. It was a close contest decided by just one vote, but when the dust cleared the Fayalab Nuggets emerged victorious. 

Match 4 had the Arduino TinkerKit go up against the pcDuino Modules. In the end the Arduino TinkerKit won by an almost 3:1 margin. 

Match 5 moved into the realm of wearable microcontrollers and featured two items from Adafruit Industries, the GEMMA against the Trinket. The GEMMA had been the favorite, but the Trinket won the upset by a single vote!

Match 6 was the first shutout of the contest with the Adafruit Industries FLORA trouncing the Arduino LilyPad.  

Match 7 headed into our final category Robotics. This match was also a shutout as the Parallax BOEBot easily bested the Arexx Yeti

Match 8 was our final matchup of Round One and pitted two items from Pololu Snap Circuit Rover against the Pololu 3pi. While it was a close contest Pololu Snap Circuit Rover came out victorious in the end!

Round Two starts on Tuesday, March 31st!

Remember to vote on the MCM Electronics Facebook page for your favorite in each match. As a bonus for playing, for each vote, you'll gain one entry into a drawing for a prize pack consisting of over $200 worth of maker items. Share the post for an additional entry. We'll pick the winner after the championship is decided. The championship will take place on April 06, 2015. The winner will be chosen April 08, 2015. 

For a full set of contest rules, terms and conditions please see the MCM Electronics Contest Page 


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