Outdoor TV & Radio Antennas

Posted by Greg on Sep 10, 2016

Outdoor TV & Radio Antennas

Ideal for back-up of subscription television services, or when cutting the cable altogether, September is a great time to install a new TV antenna on the roof. We’ve put together several systems which are perfect for most locations across the country. Since the digital changeover, most stations, even those with channel designations between 2 and 13, have been moved to UHF, so there is no need for a VHF antenna. However, this is not always the case. If you are not sure about your specific channels, there are several online resources available. One particular favorite is FCC DTV Maps. Simply enter your zip code and a map of all receivable stations is provided.

Learn about OTA (Over the Air) HDTV Antennas 
Watch Michael and Geoff give an overview of each type of Over the Air antenna. They'll help choose which antenna is right for your application and which may work best in your location.

Types of Antennas:

Directional - A directional antenna is great is you have a lot of networks that you are trying to access within a narrow band. These will provide you with the best signal clarity, however, you may need to adjust the antenna with a rotator for certain channels to be viewed clearly. See our selection of directional antennas.


OmniDirectional - If you have a lot of different networks coming in from all sides then a great solution is an omnidirectional antenna. This option means you'll pick up the most channels from every direction, however, you may sacrifice signal quality. Omnidirectional antennae are the easiest to place, and you don't need to worry about adjusting it every time you change the channel. See our selection of omnidirectional antennas.


Bowtie - A bowtie antenna is a type of directional antenna which has a wide pickup pattern which helps in cases where most of the stations you want to access are spread across a fairly dispersed area. See our selection of bowtie antennas


Yagi - A yagi antenna is a type of directional antenna with a fairly narrow focus and very long range. If there are only a few networks which you wish to access and they are a long distance away them a yagi antenna is the perfect solution. See our selection of yagi antennas


Mounts - To set up any antenna you will need to properly mount it. We have a large selection of mounts and masts which will help you set up your antenna safely and securely. See our selection of mounts and masts.


See our full selection of Antennas and Accessories:



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