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Posted by Christian on Apr 11, 2013

As MCM carries several lines of OEM replacement parts, We're often asked by friends and family to order a replacement OE stand for their TV. Inevitably, their TV gets mounted on the wall and at some point, the decision is made to upgrade that TV. The old TV then resumes its duties in the basement or in another room that doesn't require or facilitate a wall mount. It's too bad the original TV stand was discarded as soon as the TV went on the wall.

Some OE manufacturers charge a premium for their TV stands. Sharp replacement stands cost as much as $200! Enter Pro Signal universal TV stands. For less than a quarter of the price of Sharp's OE stand, Pro Signal offers a fully adjustable metal stand with a tempered glass base in two sizes to fit TVs from 17" to 60".

50-14790 and 50-14795 Pro Signal Universal TV Stands

Both stands feature adjustable mounting heights for a customizable look, an integrated level to ensure a professional installation and an integrated cable raceway to keep unsightly cables out of view. The end product is a factory look for a reasonable cost.

50-17495 Pro Signal Mount - Front


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7/15/2013 9:31:33 PM #

Great stands for the money!


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