Raspberry Pi B+ Educators RoadTest Wrap Up!

Posted by Greg on Feb 16, 2015

The Raspberry Pi Educators RoadTest has now concluded and all of the blog posts are in from our contestants! We will now be deciding which one of our three entrants will win a 3D printer based on their project and posts!  

To find out more about our involvement in STEM and to join in the conversations please visit the element14 STEM Academy page

Kit Fuderich

Lancaster, PA

Raspberry Pi: My First Lesson

The Rise of the Raspberry Pi "Turtle Bot"

The Raspberry Pi "Turtle Bot" Breaths Life Into Lesson 2

New Age Art School

This is Progress! Turtle Bot Control Interface Complete

Connecting an Arduino to Raspberry Pi: Road Test Conclusion w/ Reflections

Dan Fisher

Robbinsdale, MN

Raspberry Pi B+ Camera Kit: Out of the Box Impressions

Ideas for Sensors with Students

Rick Battles

Mount Pleasant, SC

Note: the Raspberry Pi B+ Educators RoadTest is sponsored by element14 and two of its sister companies: MCM Electronics in the US & CPC in the UK



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