Raspberry Pi Projects at Dayton Hamvention

Posted by Greg on Jun 2, 2014

MCM Raspberry Pi Projects

MCM Electronics created five Raspberry Pi demo projects for Dayton's Hamvention in May. All five were big hits and garnered great response. We will post details of each project in the coming weeks as well as photos and instructions of how to create your own. Until them here is a quick rundown of each project.

Retro Arcade Pi
This Raspberry Pi project always attracts a lot of attention. Our designer created a classic arcade style control panel with a joystick and four buttons to control the basic gameplay. Other than that it is a Raspberry Pi with Retro Pi loaded plus a USB keyboard to help access and toggle through the game choices and of course a monitor with speakers.

Retro Arcade Pi Project Details

Minecraft Pi
Just like the Minecraft you're used to playing, but all you need is a monitor, keyboard and the programmed Raspberry Pi!

Wireless Raspberry Pi Radio
The Raspberry Pi along with the Wolfson Audio card (for high quality sound) along with a wireless usb adapter and then Piano Bar loaded up on your SD card you have high quality music in a compact package.

7 Segments of Pi – LED game
A great learning game that teaches a beginner the basics of soldering, Circuit boards and programming while having fun. 

Raspbmc Setup
This is a basic load and configuration of the Raspbmc Linux distribution system. With this you have 1080p playback, AirPlay & AirTunes support, Nanny Cam support plus a whole lot more! 


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