Six Projects You Can Build With Your Raspberry Pi 2!

Posted by Greg on Apr 20, 2015

The Raspberry Pi 2 is an amazing single board computer than can be used for thousands of projects. However, when you go to explain for great it is many people want to know what you do with it. If you say "almost anything" they just can't conceptualize what is meant. To make things easier we gathered six great Raspberry Pi projects to help spur the imagination and give a few practical examples that almost anybody can make and use.

Raspberry Pi Classic Game Emulator 

Play classic arcade & console games from the 80's & 90's including NES, SNES, Doom, Quake, Atari & More. 

Required Parts:
83-16552RK       Raspberry Pi Starter Kit - Add to Cart
32-32225           HDMI Retro Game Controller - Add to Cart
24-14785           HDMI Cable - Add to Cart


Raspberry Pi Low Power NAS 

Just attach a few hard drives and use the Pi as your network attached storage solution.

Required Parts:
83-16552RK       Raspberry Pi Starter Kit - Add to Cart
831-2829           Ethernet Cable - Add to Cart
83-15796           3TB External Hard Drive - Add to Cart

Raspberry Pi WiFi Internet Radio

Turn your Pi into a connection for your Spotify, Pandora and more internet radio channels.

Required Parts:
83-16530                Raspberry Pi 2 - Add to Cart
28-17985                5V, 2.2A Power Supply - Add to Cart
83-16536                8GB MicroSD Card  - Add to Cart
831-2829                Ethernet Cable - Add to Cart
28-17932                Solderless Breadboard - Add to Cart
83-15162                Serial LCD Module - Add to Cart
26-700                   6 - Pushbuttons - Add to Cart
124-10250              3.3V Regulator - Add to Cart
373-10k                  10kOhm Resistors - Add to Cart
373-1K                   1k Ohm Resistors - Add to Cart
T350E106K025AT     2 - 10uF Capacitors - Add to Cart
83-16408               Pi T-Cobbler - Add to Cart
24-15486               Auxiliary Audio Cable - Add to Cart

Raspberry Pi Basic Desktop PC

Create a low cost desktop computer by loading the Pi up with LibreOffice and go!

Required Parts:
83-16552RK       Raspberry Pi Starter Kit - Add to Cart
83-13110           Keyboard & Mouse - Add to Cart
58-14620          19" Widescreen Monitor - Add to Cart
24-14785          HDMI Cable - Add to Cart

Raspberry Pi Home Theater PC

Stream movies, videos, pictures and more to your TV using Kodi. 

Required Parts:
83-16553RK         Raspberry Pi 2 Media Kit - Add to Cart

Raspberry Pi Minecraft

Set up a dedicated Minecraft machine that you easily carry with you and plug into any monitor or television with an HDMI!

Required Parts:
83-16552RK      Raspberry Pi Starter Kit - Add to Cart
83-13110          Keyboard & Mouse - Add to Cart
58-14620         19" Widescreen Monitor - Add to Cart
24-14785         HDMI Cable - Add to Cart

This is a just a small sample of what you can make with Raspberry Pi 2 - What will you create?

Other resources:

Raspberry Pi Organization - The non-profit group behind the Raspberry Pi with a very active user community and loads of ideas!

element14 Community - Our sister company a section of their site dedicated to Raspberry Pi blogs, questions & discussions 



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