The Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus

Posted by Bryan on Nov 26, 2014

Do you know anything about Arduino or Holiday lighting? Over at our sister company, element14, you can prove your skills by entering their holiday lighting roadtest. The Grand Prize is a 3D printer from Robox. 

This Roadtest is looking at three things: 

  1. Imaginative use of the products
  2. Imaginative use of the Eclipse IoT Platform
  3. Provision of outstanding, compelling and inventive community and blog content. 

Just enter the contest, put on your thinking cap and enhance your bling with holiday lighting. If you need lights to work with MCM Electronics has two great options for Arduino users. The Adafruit Neopixel LEDs are great candidates for LED lighting projects or our more traditional Holiday LED lighting strands. 

To get started just head over to the element14 Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus page for details and then sign up! Please let us know how your project is progressing by posting in the comments section below.



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