Wright State University Engineering Challenge

Posted by Greg on Feb 3, 2016


During the end of January, 40 Wright State University Engineering students came together to compete in a series of fun challenges organized by a few of the school's engineering clubs. We helped to sponsor the contests by providing a gift bag for each of the entrants and five Raspberry Pi Starter Kits as prizes for each of the long event winners. 

The students competed in two engineering challenges a day throughout the week including: Egg Drop, Straw Bridge, Homopolar Motor, Worst Case Scenario, Amazing Race and Bristle Bot Battles. On Friday we dropped by to watch the fun and present some prizes to some lucky winners. 

Students working on their entries for the Bristle Bot Battle

Some of the Bristle Bots on the obstacle strewn battle table

Students taking off in search of clues for the Amazing Race

Thank you to everybody who participated! Special thanks to Josh Harris, SHPE President WSU Chapter, for inviting us to help sponsor this event and to watch some of the fun. 



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